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Hi! I’m Jocie (pronounced joss-ee) Juritz.

I’m a born and bred Londoner and have been working as an animation director since I graduated in 2014. I’ve used Photoshop for pretty much every project!

I direct short films, usually between 2 and 6 minutes, about all sorts of subject matters - false memories, being evil, artificial intelligence, parenthood, refugee experiences, poetry, discrimination, anger, so on. I’ve had the pleasure of creating these animations for the New York Times, CNN, Unicef, Princeton, the School Of Life, Penguin Books, the RSPCA and more. My favourite thing about working with such a variety of clients and subjects is that I get to learn about each of them. It’s never boring and I’m constantly being challenged with new information!

Here's my showreel! To watch any of my films in full have a look at my website.

Website - Instagram - Behance - Facebook - Vimeo - Twitter - LinkedIn


For the last 6+ years I’ve been teaching, mentoring and lecturing at a range of fantastic institutions. I’m still running workshops and mentoring regularly - I love chatting to students about their ideas and process.

  • Cel Animation Workshops at Hyper Island Karlskrona (2020 - current)
  • Visiting Tutor and Guest Lecturer at Kingston University (Illustration Animation BA) (2018 - current)
  • Tutor/writer of Photoshop Animation Course at The Art Academy (2016-18)
  • Mentor at She Drew That (Animation Programme) (2021 - current)
  • Mentor at Created Academy (Motion Design Courses) (2018 - 2021)

Maybe the best bit about teaching Photoshop animation is that moment where my students see their drawings move for the first time. It really is unbelievably exciting, and satisfying, to see something you drew come to life!


I’m also an “obsessive hobbyist”. In my spare time I sew clothes, make shoes and tackle all sorts of fun DIY projects. I like to play with the boundary between art and fashion - hand painting and designing garments that are weird and illustrative. Animation isn’t just for animators, it can be a fantastic tool for people in all sorts of industries and I love seeing how these different art forms can cross over. Fashion Instagram


I get asked, SO often, ‘where can I learn to animate in Photoshop?’ and I’ve never had a reliable, up to date, in-depth class that I could recommend. So this course has been in my mind for several years and in creation for about 4 months.

I wanted the course to be detailed. Covering everything from how Photoshop works, to how and why we animate, to how we can make things look beautiful. A one stop shop where you can actually get everything you need to start your animation journey.

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